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Sweet Krissy - Looking very cute Sweet Krissy is that sexy babe to the left that you see. Judging by her site, she must really enjoy having pictures taken of her and posting them on her site. But, of course, to view them you have to pay (unless you only want to see the few and compared to the members area, we mean few - free lo quality galleries) to sign up to her members area. Is it worth it? And are porn sites like that some sort of scam? Hint, if you can't be bothered to read the rest of this page yes it is worth it, no it isn't some sort of scam!

Krissy's site - sweetkrissy.com has literally hundreds and thousands of photos and videos. When you first sign up you will probably try and download as much as you can, as fast as you can. There is one big problem there is too much content! And to make it worse, all of it is high quality so you can't easily decide to only download the good stuff.

Now, I'll admit it, I have had quite a lot of subscriptions to porn sites, and some actually seem like they actually don't care about their customers once they have your money. They will put high quality free galleries, to entice people to sign up, but the actual members area content is very low quality.

Some porn sites - not Krissy's - have hardly any updates (Krissy's site has at least 2 new sets a week, and she also does 2 hour long cam shows, but more on that later). Some even put download limits on their users. None of this applies to Krissy's site. Like I've said, the quality of all her content (photos, videos, and her cam chats) are on par, if not higher with the highest quality porn you can get. They actually save the best photo shoots / sets for members only which is nice to know when you are a member you get the best exclusive stuff! And for all your leachers out there there are no download limits on Sweet Krissy.

Sweet Krissy pic The range of sets in terms of both settings and her clothings are very high, from her posing in bikinis outside, in tight hot pants on her couch, just in her panties, laying naked on her bed, wearing shirts, pics of her in baths and lots more. Oh and of course, without any clothes on.

There are many videos, all at 984kbps (for all you non tech heads out there, that is very good and very clear, even when viewed at full screen) and run without hassle in windows media player (or any other media player, such as winamp).

On her webcam chats (which happen twice a week) members simply login to a chat room (which is just a flash file no extra files or programs are needed), and to the left is a live video stream of Krissy. As she is in the chat room, she's always taking requests, answering questions etc. She'll even tell you a joke if you ask ;).

I think this the webcam chats are one of the best features of Sweet Krissy when compared to similar sites out there she actually does stay in contact with her members, and takes the time every week to do two sessions lasting an hour each live on webcam just for her members. A lot of other solo girl (although you will find some lesbian content on her site as well!) sites say they have a webcam video, but in reality it is a pre-recorded video that allows no interaction between the girl and her members. Other sites should take a lesson from Sweet Krissy!

And if you ever want a private session, I've heard they can be sorted out via their Spunky Camz site ;).

And there is one last point I want to cover, as this is what prevented me from signing up to porn sites for years - scams. All the payment system goes through a company called "ccbill", which is basically the pornography world's paypal (as paypal won't have anything to do with pornography, gambling, and other "related" things...). I can assure you that you get what you pay for - and much more. When you sign up you get access straight away (it is all automated). The only word of caution is that if you select a subscription, remember to cancel before you get rebilled if you only want to pay for one month. Or you can just select a trial ;) for a few days (Which doesn't rebill)

So - is it worth it?

Yes. That is why I am a member! You will see me in the webcam chats - "DogMan28"!

A small selection of pictures from her site:

Note that these three pics are all low quality pics - on her site they are much larger! They're just to remind you what you are missing, by not being a Member.

Sweet Krissy and her dildo SweetKrissy's hot ass SweetKrissy teases! Krissy in her bath...

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